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Danish fart

Gaseous products resulting from the fermentation and digestion of junk food like Danish pizzas and kebabs. The farts are typically expelled in bars and discotheques indiscriminately by males or females, primarily Danes.
The smell of the Danish fart results being extremely toxic and usually cause a general outcry amongst the unfortunate standing in the vicinity of the spot where the pestilential cloud propagates.
Rafael: Hey Luke, what happened on the dance floor? It is empty!
Luke: it sounds like the “Danish fart” alarm went off and everybody flew away!
by milfonian March 11, 2012
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Paraphrasing from the slogan “must-win-battles” it can be applied to a drinking competition or to a good night out with blokes.
Acronyms: MWB
T: Hi bro, how was that mission to the Oktober Fest?
M: I tell you what, it has been like a must-win-bottle, I have never been so drunk!
by milfonian March 11, 2012
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