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This seems to be the current hot question. You hear it more and more: Blog Dicking.

The act of Blog Dicking or BD (I just made that part up), is essentially cutting in line when posting a comment responding to someone's blog. Let's say there are already 200 comments. You could post like everyone else and be comment number 201, but you'd be way down on page 5, and who's gonna see you there?

So a blog dicker will reply to the first commenter on the first page of comments so that EVERYONE can see their comment. Usually blog dicking is self promotion on someone else's blog. They reply to someone's comment but it has nothing to do with the comment they responded to.

Blog dicking is not replying to someone's comment, even if it just happens to be near the top of the first comments, if you really are responding to what they have commented about. But sometimes people make it look like they are relying to someone's comment when really they are blog dicking by adding something like: Hey come visit my blog it's better!

Bobby Ramone is the first person I ever heard using the term Blog Dicking.
You thought you were second eh? We'll I might just have to blog dick you!
by middle_of_nowhere June 21, 2007

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