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To be fashionably poor.

Middle classes feigning poverty despite large ammounts of reserve cash i.e. ISA's, stocks and/or bonds in the vain attempt to follow a perceived fashion in poverty caused by the recent credit crunch.

Conspicuous consumption whilst pleading poverty.

Using the recent credit crunch as an excuse for not donating to charity or buying from doorstep salespeople.

Dining at "lesser" resteraunts proclaiming loudly how much you can only afford the cheaper menu items and how you won't be ordering a starter.

Typical faux-poor conversation
Waiter: "That will be a total of £240.73 for a meal for two sir, would you like like to a gratuity to your American Express Platinum Card?"

Faux-Poor reply: "...no I would not like to add a service tip to my credit card! can't you see I'm broke?"
by mickee1473 April 27, 2009
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