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A nickname given to those whose forename/surname may be Fabian. It rhymes with the word "babes" and is a fantastic nickname. The most notable person who uses this nickname is one Marcus Fabian. Known affectionately as this nickname by close friends and people of a military persuasion, it has most definitely followed him around. Having initially rejected the name because it belongs to his father, Andrew, it became more intriguing over time as it seemed to be used by different people. Having brought the issue to both his father's and grandfather's attention, they uttered the word in hushed voices, as if there was some sort of mystical attribute to the word itself.

The most interesting thing about this nickname is its origin. Although now somewhat mainstream, friends from different circles would start calling him this, without prompting. t was almost as if it was reinvented by every individual, very instinctive., as if it was written in his DNA. The name , when used in the appropriate situation, can wash away all angst and flush out any bad temperaments. If used incorrectly, however, it can have horrendous repercussions. Use with caution.
Encouraging: "Come on, Fabes"

Greeting: "Alright Fabes?"
by mfabe5 August 04, 2011

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