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The act of taking someone's cell phone and placing it between the crack of your ass. This causes ass sweat to transfer onto the cell phone so when it is in use the next time it smells like ass. Depending on the severity you may or may not fart while the phone is in you ass crack, this will intensify the smell.
I took my girlfreinds phone and put it in my ass crack and farted on it, (stinkcell). Because she was texting in bed and was keeping me awake. This also works when you are annoyed by someone talking on thier cell phone in a car and or elevator.
by mexgopher23 November 23, 2009

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A drink combination of a Mexican associated bottle of beer and a shot of Whiskey in the neck of the bottle. WIth or with out salt on the neck or in the bottle and a lime.

The first peole to come to the United States that did work for far cheaper than the land's native people were the Irish. Thus, making them the first people to be considered a "wetback" being as they crossed a body of water in search of work.
Hey Barkeep! Let me get 2 Irish Wetbacks, dressed (w/ salt on neck and lime).
by mexgopher23 May 06, 2010

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