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A sell out is someone who is in it for the money and possibly to get laid alot. Bands that are punbk usualy are sell outs like
Good chaoletter Blink 182. and the same goes with pop rock bands like the jonas brothers fall out boy and MCR. Some people think that the biggest thrash band in the world sold out but really they didnt
MetallicA never sold out, Cliff Burton and James Hetfeild said " We do what we want to do if people consider that selling out than what ever, 'cause alot of people think you sold out because your on a major label, or you don't play a thousand miles per hour, you know we'd be doing the same thing on a indapendent label." see they aren't sell outs R.I.P. Cliff Burton 1962-1986
by metallicapwnsall November 05, 2008
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