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A death metal band that somehow has gotten critical acclaim for being "brutal" while lacking any instrumental skill whatsoever. They're even worse than Slipknot live. Most their music consists of constant chugging, blast beats, and a lack of lead guitarwork. Their only lead work is really just a bunch of arpeggios that don't fit well together and are poorly executed. The vocals suck live, too.

This is pretty much only a band that is liked by scene kids whose latest fad is claiming they like the most brutal band they can find.
Don't get me wrong, I love death metal, but death metal bands come a dime a dozen, and the only thing about Suicide Silence that sticks out is how obnoxious this band really is. I've seen this band perform a number of times and they are completely talentless.
by metalheart August 27, 2009
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