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disgusting band consisting entirely of sluts. it would be possible to ignore how sluttily they act, if they sang songs that were bearable. their lyrics mean absolutely nothing, and their film clips just degrade themselves and make any sensible person who even had a shred of respect for them, lose all of that.

and to that person who said that if anyone disliked their music, we were just jealous of them, it's hilarious that you honestly believe that statement! how is it possible to have respect for 30 girls who dress like whores, feel themselves in film clips and who only have one singer? i think you need to wake up, and see these girls as the sluts they really are.
the pussycat dolls have absolutely no respect for themselves whatsoever. it's disgusting that children are exposed to such slutty behaviour. musicians are supposed to be someone that kids look up to for role models, so i'll be greatly surprised if all of the people who like this shit don't end up as prostitutes or absolute sluts.
by melaniemelaniemelanie August 21, 2006

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A fantastic band. Lyrics are a bit shallow and pathetic for my liking, but the lead singers voice is so deep and captivating that it sends chills down my spine.
Some good alter bridge lyrics are found in the song 'broken wings'.

"On broken wings I'm falling, and it won't be long. the skin on me is burning, by the fires of the sun"
by melaniemelaniemelanie August 21, 2006

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A fucking good band with lyrics that actually mean something, unlike all the mainstream shit played on the radio. slightly depressing music, but damn good. if you've never heard any before, i suggest you download some now.

the first time i heard 'beautiful addiction', i only listened to the music, instead of hearing the lyrics. then i replayed it and listened to what they said. i was moved. this poor, desperate guy with a drug addiction wrote this song, and it just captured me. i became hooked on audiovent.

Change the bag
This IV's draining
And I'm afraid
I need another taste to keep me high
Broken, jaded
Still I need more of you inside
The pain you deal just kills me better
The pain is all that keeps me alive

-Beautiful Addiction from Audiovent's album Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris
by melaniemelaniemelanie August 22, 2006

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