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thought to be a no-good-being, full of trouble and constantly doing illegal things. when in reality, we like unicorns, footy pyjamas, disney movies, and peanutbutter and jam sandwiches. we make a production out of eating fishy crackers or animal crackers. we like bubbles and sparkles and we wish we were jedi knights. when we grow up we want to be princesses and super heros. we like domo, phineas and ferb, finding nemo and we sing the bill nye the science guy theme song when it comes on. sure not all of us are like this. but i know a lot of people my age (15) have the maturity level of a 6 year old. we aren't all into getting smashed doing drugs having wild parties and sex.
teen: bye mom i'm going out?
mom:where are you going?
teen: to jens house to watch finding nemo. she got a new lightsaber too... and i want one too.... can i have one mom?
mom: you're supposed to be a teenager not a six year old.
teen: mom, i am 15. i am a teenager. i'm just more fun than you were when you were 15.
by meanwhile, in the real world September 05, 2011

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