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Who ever wrote the definition figger
If you wrote figger you are a little bitch
by me bitch February 20, 2004

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the term 104 in the american language is used to describe that act of skeeting all over a bumper car steering wheel. however in the cambodian breastmilke language the term 104 is used to describe the sex position in which a skinny person a fat person and a person with huge asss titties has buttsex. now if you use the term in the country of guam you will be insulting the sex that every grandmother must commit with a monkey and with a 93 year old goat. in the wookie language of starwars it means suck on my hairy balls you ugly pink son of a bitch and finnaly in the language of the people of kingmarcusvilleland it means fuck you you dirty asshole. and in the language of michael cole it means dont b stupid show me your boobies
1. i 104'd last nite at the carnival
2. those ugly bitches just had some wild 104
3. your grandmothers 104 sucked ass
4. how bout this, how bout you 104
5. hey you 104
6. hey you 104
by ME BITCH August 20, 2004

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