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A very, very, very disgusting internet video. It starts with two girls making out and then one of them shits into a cup and you actually see her butt and see her shitting. Then both girls eat the shit and throw up into each other's mouths.

The video has become an internet phenomenon from videos of people's reactions to the video. They even have an episode of Family Guy where Brian shows Stewie the video.

1st boy: Have you seen the video 2 Girls 1 Cup?

2nd boy: No, but I'll watch it tonight.

the next day


1st boy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
by matthew winchell August 02, 2008

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1. a name given to a male, sometimes short for Fredrick.

2. Fred Flintstone

3. Fred Astaire

4. Fred Mertz from I Love Lucy

5. Fred: A popular character on Youtube. He's played by a fourteen-year-old who pretends to be a six-year-old and talks in a sped-up voice to make his voice sound younger, faster, and higher. He has an alcoholic mother that we don't see, only hear and who is obviously voiced by another teenage boy. He loves a girl named Judy, but Judy hates him. He loves a boy named Kevin.

1. Hello my name is Fred.

2. Fred Flintstone: Yabba Dabba Doo

3. Fred Astaire was a very talented man

4. Fred was such a tightwad

5. Fred's videos are sooooooooo funny! He's crazy!
by matthew winchell August 02, 2008

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