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1. The act of slightly slowing down while rolling up to a stop sign, then, without actually stopping, quickly accelerating.

2. A sushi roll which is comprised of avocado, crab imitation meat, and other sushi fillers. It is rolled so the rice is on the outside. It is very popular among uncultured white people who have a disgust for raw fish and asian food in general, but still want to feel authentic when eating sushi.
Ex 1:

Driver: I don't like stopping at stop signs, I just California Roll right through them.
Cop: Alright, I'm going to be suspending your driver's license for the next three years.

Ex 2:
Whitey #1: Wanna eat Sushi tonight?
Whitey #2: Bruh, raw fish? That's stuff's disgusting.

Whitey #1: It's okay, we can get California rolls.
Whitey #2: Hell yeah! I love authentic asian food. *winks*
by masterjand January 15, 2019

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