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one who won't fit in whether on purpose or because they are that awkward. can not keep a conversation going without some stupid or vulgar remark concerning absolutely nothing, used by multitudes of girls (if you can call them that) and using the desperate ones. in desperate need of a life and friends. goes very emo often, and cries quite a bit. tim. pretends to do drugs and drinks but shys away from any oppurtunity saying the girl he wants might not like it.
a: where is tim?
b: crying in his room again.
a: wow, what a tool

tool: lets work at mcdonalds so that we can work with the retards and look smart
(it disgusted me to hear the tool say that)

tool: no one understands girls, i mean nobody
me: what about girls dude? i think they could understand themselves, or maybe you are just stupid
by mary oshields April 12, 2007
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