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Scientist report that men working on oil platforms commonly suffer from a condition called TSB or Toxic Sperm Buildup.
This condition arises when the said man is separated from the woman that he loves.
Symptoms include a very ill attitude, loss of sleep, morning tent, and the symptom most dreaded by all the said mans closest friends ........phone ear.
Sadly the condition only has one cure.
Like everything else if you soak it in cider that will make it all better.
by Marty and Michelle June 04, 2005

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The absolute worst punishment that a 3yr old can dish out.
Reason:They taste bad and they are ugly so nobody wants them.
A 3yr old will only bestow this reward when they are at their wits end and unable to change their situation with the normal fit pitching, belly aching, moaning, groaning and crying to no avail.
It is also used by adults in a SNAFU situation.
When you won't let the child have their way and they tell you NO NO NO Black Suckers for You!
by Marty and Michelle June 04, 2005

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Not getting along with something or someone at all.
Like oil and water they do not mix.
by marty and michelle June 03, 2005

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