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Had the spaniards known that it would be this bad, they would have bgone bak to Spain.
Boca raton= A bunch of people pretending to be stars and rich. Hey, I have news for them Alot of the wealthy people walking around don't need to brag and proselytize. They know they have money and therefore don't have to announce. Boca has a bunch of self entitled whining brats who grow up to be bimbos. Thank god they are concentrated in just this area- otherwise the it might be the end of Western civilization.
Guy drives up to restaurant in a re porsche. Girl( with fake boobs, lips and louis vuitton) sees him and runs out to the parking lot. Wants to have a drink with him, Has a drink , goes back to this apartment and guess what- the porsche is a leased car and he lives in a tiny room. Classic boca raton living right there!
by manhattan girl who knows a bit October 10, 2007
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