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the sexiest, smelliest, wettest part of a woman's body. sometimes hairy, sometimes bald, sometimes in between or sometimes just plain freaky. they contain something called a 'clit' which is stimulated by the use of fingers, dildos, penises, or any object around the household.(minus pointy objects)..it'll break the hymen and devirginize you.
bre- holy shit karlye, is that your vagina?...it's pretty nice
karlye- yah man..wanna touch it
bre- no not really
karlye- common' touch it..it'll make me feel nice
bre- ew you're sick
karlye- DAMN stop turning me on
bre- omg i'm leaving
oh ya.. "hello, would you like to have intercourse with my va-j-j?"
by malene April 22, 2006
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