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Respected Young Men (or RYM) is a rap group consisting of 2 masked men that aim for quality, originality, & catchy uplifting music of all styles & variations. They make songs about the things that everyone in the 21st century loved & grew up with. RYM will say at least one line in each song that you will absolutely love.
Their lyrics revolve around references to several aspects of the 70's to the modern day from anything from cartoons, to people, to places, to inventions, & generally mentions almost anything & everything while remaining simple, fun & hilarious while maintaining a professional appearance.
In their songs, blogs, videos, & cd interludes, they claim to be the richest men alive, & have a strong need to rid the world of what they call "Skanky People" & have a strong dislike for any person devoid of morals, understanding, manners, & basic human nature.
Their fans are what they call "Respectables" & achieve this title once they begin to elevate themselves for the good people that they are & represent good, honest, classy, respectable individuals.
They claim to have been born in a vault full of money, diamonds, & valuables as well as out of this world inventions & gadgets. As infants, they were raised by their loyal butler Brutus, & only he may truly know the story behind the masks.
They strive to bring you a fan experience like no other through their music, personalities, internet interaction, & new exciting ways to entertain their fans.
1. Yo those Respected Young Men guys are the shitt!
by madison loves rym December 09, 2009

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