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The capital city of Texas, where Longhorns, hippies, yuppies, scenesters, frat boys, sorority girls, rednecks, WASPS, and transvestites all live together peacefully. The most liberal, liveable, and fun city in Texas, or anywhere. Popular for being the live music capital of the world and home to the coolest university.
I went to Austin,TX and I saw a guy wearing tight jeans with a plaid shirt, a dreadlocked hippie, and preppy pearls-and-a-polo wearing girl all in the same taco bar.

On Friday I went to Austin, TX and went to sixth street and got really drunk, then I went to a club and saw some awesome local bands, then i went to eat some awesome food at one of the 24-hour restaurants. I also got hit on by a crazy transvestite wearing nothing but a purple thong. It was the best night of my life.
by madatxlover October 22, 2005
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