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a "hardcore dance" performed at "hardcore" shows by a group of 3-6 bffl "hardcore kids" usually male.
it consists of:

->standing in a line, in the middle of a crowd waiting for the band to start.

->pushing everyone aside, leaving yourself space to look ridiculous infront of everyone you just pushed away with your toughshit attitude and the band you adore oh so much.

->possibly getting in a fight, or just displaying a tougher toughshit attitude towards anyone else who wants to have fun by moshing or jumping around - which looks less ridiculous than throwdown & engages more people to enjoy themselves, instead of standing there angry at you for making a fool of yourself -
** note: it's quite possible that the kids you've just pushed away/got toughshit towards, like the band just as much, IF NOT MORE than you do. **

2)throwing your arms around rapidly, as if you were once a part of the local swim team until your coach realized how terrible you looked doing the breast stroke.

3)kicking mid air like you were once a part of a karate team until your sensei realized how ridiculous you looked, period.

4)the occasional side flip like you're an ex-gymnist on cocaine.

this left you feeling angry at the world, causing you to get tuffmother fucker and have a cocky scene attitude towards anyone who can't throwdown like you can. because you are just omg so SxE HxC SCENExCORE tough shit.
"man, i can't wait to throwdown tonight. i am soo tough"
by lynn. xx May 08, 2006

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