37 definition by lucy-fer in the sky with diamonds

when you get too carried away with slapping a person or persons.
It could just be that you went on a slapping spree (greatly encouraged by me by the way, they're fun!)
or that you got so pissed off with someone that you just physically couldn't stop slapping them.

see doodle happy and scissor happy
person #1: "awwww owwww look at my face, is it red?"
person #2: "yeh why?"
person #1: "my ex-girlfriend got slap happy"
me: i feel like going on a slapping spree...anyone want to come and get slap happy with me?

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such an amazing band - I can't really say much more about them that hasn't been said. My favourite song is Street Spirit (Fade Out) please look at my definition for that song because it has some amazingly profound interview material from Thom Yorke in it, that when i read it took my breath completely away.
Immerse Your Soul In Love.

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