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slingbat-is a male you indirectly report to. he is a combination of an actor too dumb or inarticulate to be cast in sling blade and was obviosly too young to be cast as a dingbat during shiity sitcoms of early tv. he grew up near soy beans, guns, sheep, strohs beer and of course horsehoes. one may refer to him as a rotten fucking hillbilly if that comment didnt refer to 36% of the USA.
dude 1 in a mildly retarded tone: have you spoken to the slingbat today?

dude 2 in a more profoundly retarded tone: ya, i saw and heard the stupid mother fucker. hey, was he in deliverance or did i mistake him for the banjo playin cocksucker here in the meeting room?

dude3: what a slingbat!!
by lowonscrotumpole October 22, 2012
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