10 definitions by lovelyrqbekah

tianasunflowers is an amazing cousin and on top of that she’s like the best artist ever⁉️ but she doesn’t play idv with me #getwellsoon
tianasunflowers, we all know you wanna play idv with me 🥺🥺🥺🤞🤞🤞
by lovelyrqbekah July 21, 2021
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maliaxbaee is one of the nicest and best mutuals ever!!! They also have AMAZING edits <33
me: look maliaxbaee just posted!!!

random person: who tf is that 🤨
me: the best editor and one of my fav mutuals <3
by lovelyrqbekah July 22, 2021
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the sweetest tiktok girl. she has amazing content, is the best mutual, is funny and nice. what more could you need?
Tohrusfavshawty is only the nicest girl on tiktok.
by lovelyrqbekah July 04, 2021
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