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Most of the girls are very snobby and only care about the latest Ugg boots or the newest Toms. they feel satisfaction about shooting girls down and the school is basically a dog eat dog kinda school. Most of these girls are very rich and live off of other peoples compliments and also other peoples hurt. one fourth of the girls who go there actually despise these kinda girls and are actually quite beautiful. These girls are looked up on and are very nice to the not so popular girls. The snobby girls are looked at them as a threat and often try to put them down. Little do they know that these girls hold their head high and don't give a shit to what they think because they know they will go to college and become something of them selves other than the 75% who will grow up and become the snobby rich house wife looking after her god awful children.
by lovely21 October 23, 2010

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