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1. Gowl. (N) Vagina

2. Gowl. (N) Asshole,idiot,

3. Gowl. (N) lovely youngfella

4. Gowlin (V)Messing,loitering,doing fuck all
1..Gowl is a very useful and descriptive word used in Limerick Ireland. Gowl is slang for vagina or pussy as in "did you see the size of the Gowl on me wan Jasin",or,"man I was up to me balls in her Gowl last night sham i'm ballixed,you'll have to donkeys yourself Pa."
2.."See the state of me man,he's some Gowl.He'd give you ire that cunt".
3.. "Jontin don't be actin the gowl and gimme back my yokes".
4.. "Will you stop the gowlin ye pricks my Fadder has work in the mornin".
by lovely youngfella April 07, 2011

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