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A shopping mall in south florida which sells cheap electronics, smoking accessories, clothes, vegetables, and has supercars on display. It is dominated by the local minority consisting mostly of spanish, haitian, and jamaican people. Bargaining is a common tool used by consumers and a big reason for the popularity of the Swap shop.
"Hey i need to stop smoking blunts, know anywhere where i can get a bowl for cheap price?"
"Yeah, lets go to the Swap shop you can bargain there for some really good pieces."
by loryda89 May 26, 2009
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Sunglasses worn during the day by cannabis smokers to avoid the suspicion of others. Stoner Shades are very helpful when the smoker does not have any visine.

Aid for Marijuana smokers.
"My eyes are sooo red after smoking that chronic, I have to drive gotta watch out for the 5-0 got any visine?"
"Nah man but tell you what here's some Stoner Shades"

"I got my whole smokers kit ready, bong, lighter, bud, and my stoner shades so I can drive around"
by loryda89 March 28, 2010
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