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Drinking too much so that you can't remember the lines to The Boss' greatest hits.
Simanto: I really can't sing Thunder Road after 2 century clubs, way to juiced springsteen.
GWAR: Ya man, I had a vodka and cran and I'm hooped on nipple shwa.
Simanto: Maybe we should break-up.
by lord_gold August 18, 2008

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A beer cocktail made by adding a shot of Meaghers apricot brandy to a glass of beer.
Simanto: I'd pay 20 scoots for a Bruce Springsteen right now.
GWAR: I know, I ain't leavin' 'til I gets me the best beer cocktail ever.
Simanto: Stop talking like a fag GWAR.
by lord_gold August 02, 2008

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