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Long Island is a beautiful place to live, the environment is amazing. We have beaches, state parks, forests. There is so much history its amazing. The town i live in is high upper class but there are places with lower standards. I also live in a jewish white town. Most jews in the USA live in NY and NJ and the most live on LONG ISLAND. many towns are known as Jappy Jericho Japoyset, Japicho Plainjew and Old Bethhamish. But there are towns where the jewish population is less.
Not everyone is snobby and rich eventhough it may seem like that.
AND NORTHSHORE NASSAU COUNTY GIRLS DO IT BEST. were smart funny pretty not trashy and mostly wealthy
The hamptons are the sickest part of LI and most people go there for the summer.
ALso we live 30-45 mins away form the city and can go whenever, which we do to take advantage of shopping and clubs, although we have enough of our own.
My camp friend jess is from Long island she is pretty rich and has a sick house in the hamptons so we beach it all the time.
by longislandgirll May 26, 2008

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