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Fo Sho Love ayndrome. It is when someone is uber in love with someone else and they r like "i do love u fo sho!"
Girl: my dad says its puppy love
Guy: no its not its FSLS!
by Lolerskates2244454 June 07, 2009
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Puppy Love Syndrome: usually occurs in teenagers and it is when they think that they are in love, but in reality it is just puppy love.
Dad 1: Ya i had 2 take hi in to the doctor the other day...
Dad 2: y?
Dad 1: he has a bad case of PLS..
Dad 2: o....is that like mono?
Dad 1: nope its Puppy love syndrome....
Dad 2: o shit i hope my daughter does'nt get infected too....
by lolerskates2244454 June 07, 2009
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