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To describe those moments when you pass a doughnut place and just cannot resist stopping in.

You may refer to this moment as simply a "cop stop," however should you have a particular fondness for silly phrases, tag "op" (as in "operation") at the end of it and repeat with unnecessary frequency should the OPPortunity arise. You could even call this a cop stop op opp. Shout the words "cop stop op opp!" ad infinitum as you pull into the doughnut place parking lot. Passengers traveling with you will blame your frenzy on the sugar high you are about to get from eating doughnuts.

Caution Tape - Doughnuts secured in a cop stop op are suspects implicated in the mysterious case of your weight gain. They have the right to remain silent and often fraternize with other sugary, fatty foods, like mocha lattes, to establish their alibi. - Caution Tape
Hey coworker Jeff, I'm making a cop stop on my way to the office, you want glazed, frosted, or powdered?
by lllkkknnn December 03, 2010
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