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1) someone who still gets blamed for things that the demoncrats have caused.

2) a man who is often called an idiot or retard, while being graduating from yale and harvard. (most of the people who hate him have a .5 GPA and can't get accepted to any college, yet alone two ivy league colleges)

3) blamed for the downfall of the economy, instead of the democratic congress who actually destroyed it

4) a great president who is hated for no good reason, and the reasons that democrats can usually come up with are that hes stupid and had eveything handed to him, as well as things like we invaded iraq because of oil, instead of thousands of dead american citizens and an insane dictator

5) someone who doesn't do cocaine

6) democrat's worst nightmare: successful man who knows what he's talking about

7) a chill dude
guy 1: george bush is pretty chill. i don't understand why everyone hates him.

guy 2: i hate him because it makes me cool

guy 1: what about obama? he has single handedly destroyed this county by letting the congress do whatever they wanted

guy 2: nottt ahhhhh you're just racist and you only say that because he's black

guy 1: you're retarded
by lj;asdlkj ;flkjsdnblgkjv poir January 09, 2011

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