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EVERYONE says ohhhhh New Canaan people have nothing better to do then drive around in their porches but honestly, New Canaan might be wealthy but were just as nice as people in Stamford or Norwalk or Wilton you name it... and sure teenagers might drink but that happens everywhere! id like to say comment 28 was untrue and offensive. one of my friends actually has a half basket ball court inside her house, but other friends have normal houses just like anyone else in most of the world... i live in New Canaan and I'm not un thankful or anything I'm more than happy i live where i live but i just wish New Canaan didn't get judged as the rich town or people didn't get judged as snotty millionaires.
"oh New Canaan is so rich! I'm happy i don't live there because if i did id be snotty like the other kids that live there"

really! please don't judge by the money were just like you guys...
by lizzy4361 June 29, 2012

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