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ok so greenwich is THE most uber rich and preppy town on the east coast. it is filled with private schools and country clubs. everyone uses words like 'sketchy', 'uber', 'mad', or 'mad chill'. everyone wears lacoste, vineyard vines, lily, ralph lauren, j. crew and many other preppy labels. everyone here does sports, if u dont...wait no one doesnt do sports...the most popular ones r lacrosse, football, water polo (ummm ya its for girls too!!!), field hockey, and ice hockey. ok so there r some wild partys here but not everyone is always drunk and stoned. ok and we do sometimes push that we live in greenwich...im really not sure why...but watever, i luv it here!!!
greenwich is the place to be.
by liz buffone July 20, 2005
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