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back in 1971, out in cali, a few potheads starting using 420 as a code for the time they were gonna go smoke...now, people sometimes refer to pot as "420"...other people say 4:20 is the perfect time to smoke...for me, any time is the perfect time to smoke! anyways, 4:20 is kinda this secret among stoners, all u gotta say is "hey man it's 4:20" and any respectable pothead will know what you mean. also, april 20th has became somewhat of a national stoner day...for me, i blaze everyday at 4:20 am and at 4:20 pm, cuz any excuse to smoke, i'm gonna take it...on april 20th, u gotta blaze from 12 am to 12 pm cuz it's a holiday. the count down til the 20th is on. yeah, so it all started with a few kids out in cali...but now, 4:20 is smoking time every day and april 20th, well that's the day to get fucked up, even more fucked up than usual
Hey it's 4:20 (let's go smoke)
Hey, today's April 20th (we're gonna get so fucked up)
by light it up April 14, 2005

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