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What has now become an form of music an culture of mostly white males (other races are of course included) whos only purpose is to churn out the exact same style of music and culture that they have seen in magazine ads and at brocore shows. Not defined this way by the people who advocate and participate in it, they are fully convinced they are playing hardcore.

-Yes they essentially have a uniform that consists of
Train driver caps/ball caps backwards
Brocore bands shirts, or other "hardcore" bands
mesh shorts , or baggy pants (preferably camo)
Wrist sweat bands(sometimes)
Gauged ears (as is keeping with trendy magazine ads)
Shaved heads/fauxhawks
vans(or other shoes they can pull out of context)
Brocore bands hoodies, (hood up of course)

-Highly repetitive guitar riffs in either drop-d or drop-c repeated over and over with 1 big meat finger across the fret board
-Break downs as much as possible(I.E. half time of the same repeated over and over again)
-a singer that attempts to sound as masculinely caveman as possible and just paces around the stage looking angry/constepated
-lyrics about how tough you are and how your bros are going to back you up (I.E. help you gang up on someone)
-imitate as closely as you can any other band of the brocore or detuned "hardcore" scene from the 90s and on
-a complete perversion of the origional hardcore punk that accidently birthed it

-said to have came from northern california but seemingly easily spread to any city in any town, as brocore is a formula not a musical movement of any kind
-mostly males whose only purpose is to act as "tough" as is possible this includes but is not limited to;
flailing your arms around in a mass crowd of people
not "giving a fuck" about anyone but yourself and bros
flexing your muscles around people
looking as angry as is possible
crossed arms, hood up, blank expression
disregard for whoever you hurt, especialy women
- very closely resembles the pesky skin-head nazi punks of the 80s and 90s (without the racism, but with the supremecy)
would go as far as saying they are modern day skinheads
-anything that is not brocore refered to as for "faggots"
-anyone who disagrees with brocore/brocore people are "fags"
-general homophobia
-also is exactly like the jock mentality very common in highschool that excludes anyone who doesnt fully conform to their viewpoints and actions
side note:
not at all brocore bands claim to support this type of behavior
yet they aren't doing anything about it

"Me and my bros don't take no shit and well beat that into you"

"Man I had to sit through another 60 brocore bands last night to see the one decent band i came to see"

"OH great another brocore band"

"I don't care"-brocore fan

"If you are going to be a serious band, act like it!"- actual brocore band quote

Hatebreed, Madball, Terror, Sick Of It All etc.
by lifelong show attendee March 22, 2009

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