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A small village in Ohio near Mansfield. 93.2% of the people do acid regularly. The parents bitch like crazy about their children's sports and the popular sports suck major dick while the unpopular sports kick ass without recognition. Go here for a party and you will definitely get laid, even before the party starts because the girls are sluts (usually freshman). There is no way to not find the drug you want, either. We have it all; heroine, acid, lsd, marijuana, cocaine, meth, old/young and easy pussy. Also, if you want to do drugs AND play a high school sport then go here (no need to worry about getting caught, we don't give a fuck).

Lexington is also hated by all of the surrounding school districts because everyone in Lexington sre either assholes or major pricks.
Person 1: Did you hear about the two football players from Lexington that got caught doing meth?

Person 2: Yeah! One hospital trip and they're ok to play in the next game!

Person 1: Wanna go to Lexington?

Person 2: For the acid or the slutty freshman?

Person 1: BOTH!!!
by lexington_res December 30, 2010

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