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A skank who had always been behind the shadow of Legendary Miss Britney Spears. Also called Floptina after flopping with Keeps Flopping Harder: A Decade of Flops, Flopionic and Flopresque. She's the very definition of late 90's "diva" who flopped miserably after 12 years. Just like Flopsica Simpson and Flopdy Moore... But atleast, Jessica is making money with her clothing line and Mandy Moore with Tangled making box-office returns unlike flopresque which cause her producers to sell their studio. She's also widely known of having Flopdas' Touch cause anything she touches turns into flop. Sad but true...
Girl A:Christina Aguilera? Who is she?

Girl B: OMG, that flop who thinks she can touch Britney Spears' 100 Million Records sold? OMG, bitch needs to get out of her delusion just like her fans! LMAO!!!

by legendary spears January 23, 2011

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