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Emo stands for Emotive Hardcore.

It's not the clothes, or the people. It's the music.
You can't dress 'emo' and become 'emo' You can't be a music style. And if your trying, stop now.

Emotive hardcore was first experimented after the punk era, with bands deciding to focus on a more emotional side.
Emotive hardcore, shows emotion, but so does alot of rap and classical music.

People who 'cut' aren't neccessarily 'emo'.
Imagine this.
We like to relate to things. To books, to life, to music.
So If you have emotional feelings, bad past experiences, you relate to songs that are about that (Emotive Hardcore), Thats why emos are called depressed, because alot of people see meaning in the lyrics and can relate. So 'emo's' aren't the happiest bunch. But logically, 'emo's' don't exist.

Emotive hardcore -> 'softer' music created following the punk era.
by lee_lee December 06, 2007

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