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A computer user who has forgotten (or is ignorant of) the true purpose of the computers existence. A mactard is oblivious to the fact that the computer is a tool for doing legitimate work but is enamored by how cool his MAC looks.
mactard to windows user:
"hey dude check this out, I have 60,000 pictures in this folder and iMistakenIdentity has identified my face in 20,000 of them. Check this out....oh, that's my brothers naked butt....wait check this one out....oops that's not me either - how did that get in there. Hang on I'll find a picture that has me in it.

windows user to mactard:
So where are you at with the sales report for the CEO?

mactard to windows user:
I haven't started my PC yet. Hey come check out this new song by lil-weeny.
by lcsgeek May 14, 2009
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