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Risky and experimental lovemaking technique particularly used by couples working in the medical profession.
Partner one, mid-intercourse, administers an alternating current from a 300 or greater volt source to the sides of partner two's unexposed heart using paddle' electrodes. All being well, partner two's heart stops and intercourse continues for as long as is dared before partner one uses the paddle electrodes to bring partner two back from the afterlife. For a heart paddling session to be successful both parties must survive.
Doctor 1 - Hey you know that new intern over in radiology? We totally heart paddled last night bro.

Doctor 2 - Did you bring her back ok?

Doctor 1 - Nah she never made it. She’s now interning in the morgue.

Doctor 2 - Sorry brohiem. No way does that count as a real heart paddling.
by lawrencerapier April 24, 2012
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