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Bad literature that makes the top 10 list due to tweens and single moms who use it for masturbatory material. This is easy to do seeing as how the main character has about as much personality as a rock. The 2nd and 3rd books consist of bouncing back and forth from a dead guy and beastiality. To make it worse the bitch who wrote it cannot stand using just reading material, she went on to allow movies to be made and the entire planet has to deal with pictures of the two "men" everywhere and trailers on tv... not to mention mobs of ppl at walmart when ever the newest film comes out.... the world can thank Stephanie Meyer, a woman who has 0 talent and would and should be living on the streets, for this shitty story. And for the intense battles Between teams Jacob and Edward.
A man walks into walmart to get food.. little did he know the new twilight book came out... he ends up stuck in line for 4 hours and listening to how awesome Edward and Jacob are. He then goes home and uses his 12 gauge on himself and his family.
by lastprimach July 19, 2010

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