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an elite group of gangsters established in september 03'. Due to internal conflicts the group disbanded in november 03'. recently made a comeback in april 04' wit returning leader lantigo and head gangstress jessicawirth. Distinguished by green bracelets distributed by lantigo

also an acronym for jesses under negro influence time!

Note: Junit 01' was responsible for the LA riots which resulted in 800 million dollars in damages...due to lack of evidence lantigo was set free.

Many hold that junit! has been around for centuries crediting them with the assasination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth (ex junit!) Others believe Junit! was the original group of apostles banded together by the son of god...thas rite...my homeboy Jesus
jjjJJJJjjjj Unit!
by lantigoii April 14, 2004
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