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The act of taking a person's backpack and removing all of the contents, flipping the backpack inside out, placing the contents back inside of the inside out backpack and zipping it shut. The result of this action can only be achieved when a person has stolen the backpack without the owner noticing. The inside-out backpack resembles a turtle, because it looks like a shell and it is hard to unpack. It is looked down upon to have a backpack that is "unturtlable."
Tommy was paying close attention in physics class when Billy stole Tommy's backpack without Tommy noticing. Billy turtled Tommy's backpack and when Tommy finally noticed the turtled backpack at the finale of the class. Everyone laughed and pointed at Tommy. Tommy was bashful but chuckled it off. The next day Tommy turtled Billy's packpack and everyone laughed again. One day the teacher brought in a policeman to stop the act of turtleing. The next day Billy and Tommy turtled the teacher's purse.
by lakesidecreations January 07, 2010
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