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By far the sexiest men in the world -- dark brown wavy hair, deep warm brown eyes, solid build, and true romantics. Their culture is rich, and they have strong family values. Find a good one, and you will be satisfied forever.
The most virile men are Sicilian men, who are gorgeous both inside and out.

(This coming from a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Norwegian girl!)
by l_Kristin_l June 01, 2005

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Contrary to the previous poster's definition, Nock a Mixon is not in New Jersey. It is in Kintnersville, PA. It is home to CCFA's Camp Guts and Glory in mid-August, and usually those crazy karate camp kids around the same time.
Nock a Mixon is nice...but Tall Timbers in WV was better.
by l_kristin_l June 07, 2005

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