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(1) A country that is so envied for being rich n all, but is poor as fuck. It has very low-quality streets, inflation, poor education, extremely few universities that only people who have connections can get in, low-paid jobs. Because all the oil money goes to them kings and princes, people are left with no or shit services. Sure, we're better than some of Africa, but no where close to what an oil country should be.
(2) A country where money gets issued for projects like making better roads or building hospitals and schools, then most of The money (usually more than 50%) goes to the prince of that province, his people in The administration, and The contractors, so then the project is done with minimum expenses and less than minimum quality.
(3) A country where westerner are told not to wear shorts, carry a camera, talk to a woman when they go there because they can get shot for that... Nigga please!!! that's a buncha crap.
(4) A country from which most if not all rumors and hoaxes about The Shiite Islamic party spread out. Example, they said Shiite Muslims have tails like some animals, they claim they sit in big groups at one time of The year, turn lights off and have sex with whoever they get their hand on. The sad truth is there are people that are that ignorant to believe that kinda shit. There is no discrimination based on skin color, but there is discrimination based on which Islamic party you belong to, and it is a lot worse than all kinds of discrimination I have ever heard of. Believe me when I tell you that the education of Islamic parties in this country is not just fucked up, it is also FORBIDDEN knowledge. So if you bring a book from outside the country that talks about the Shiite party, they confiscate it at the borders.
(5) A country where Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad (of the Eastern Province) shares profit with anyone who creates a project BY FORCE. And if the guy refuses to share, his project get suspended by an order of the government.
1. sand nigga: Yo, that guy must be rich
nigga: He must be Saudi
sand nigga: You think all Saudis are rich? nigga please!

2. one: This road is fucking filled with bumps and they just finished it yo.
two: Welcome to Saudi Arabia

3. one: My friend say they shot his brother in saudi for wearing shorts.
two: Nigga, cut the crap and get yo facts str8

4. one: I heard Shiite Muslims turn into pigs when they die. is that true?
two: Jesus! just stop and think for a second. Must be another one of Saudi hoaxes bullshit.
by L337_h4x0r October 22, 2007

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A chef who serves meatballs and other meals half-cooked just to prove she can do it in 30 minutes. She is so fuckin hot though
husband: This beef is fuckin raw? rachel ray made it?

guy: you check this bitch out, she might be even sexier than rachel ray.
guy2: nigga please!!!!!111!!11
by l337_h4x0r November 06, 2007

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