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The iconic villain that symbolizes gamer oppression, the race of introverts that is more oppressed than any other minority group. The Joker is also used as a symbol to troll libtards epic style and representation of us living in a society.
Unepic libtard: I don't get what the deal is with Fortnite.

Str8 gangweeder: Omg my g*sh Fork Nife is the most epic game. I wouldn't expect you to know you're an fricking unepic libtard.

Unepic libtard: Wtf?

Str8 gangweeder: Well, you see, I'm a gamer. You may have heard of us through seeing our icon, the most epic lad who you call The Joker, but he's not that. He symbolizes true gamer oppression. Did you know this country was founded by killing millions of gamers? Under the unity of The Joker, all gamers will one day unite and come together to Make America Gangweed Again. Checkmate libtard.

Unepic libtard: You have autism.
by l ll ll L July 10, 2018

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