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Supre is a store throughout Australia and New Zealand that sells whatever crap is in fashion. Right now, it's oversized tee's stating 'I <3 Myspace' 'Dirty Dirty House Music' 'It's All About House' and other stuff along those lines. That's funny.. two months ago they were in love with 'emo'.

The assistants, supre girls, wear whatevers in fashion. Most of the time, they're annoying with fake niceness and high pitched voices. Most of the time, they won't shut up about anything they're on about.

It's true, not everything from Supre is slutty, some of it is actually okay. Although, they go down to XXXXXS and only to XL. And if you fit into M jeans, your legs MUST be five feet long.

The main target is for about 12-16 year olds, but it's not uncommon and see thirty year olds and nine year olds shopping there.

The girls who shop there say the only girls who don't like Supre are the ones who are fat and ugly. Completely not true. Maybe the girls who don't shop there want to keep their dignity?
Supre Assistant: Hey! You just want to buy that?
My Friend, under her breath: No.. I just stand in line for the fun of it..
Supre Assistant: OMG it would look SO cute on you. The colours and.. *more rambling*
My Friend: I was actually buying it for my nan..
by kxli August 25, 2007
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