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the act of throwing abojects , preferably food, across the classroom into other students. can apply to such things being thrown as bottles, rulers, shoes, textbooks, vocab books, pens, devin leashmans lunch, fruit snacks, oreos covered with ink and fingernails, dr scholls insoles, merchant of venice books, hot dogs, ham sandwiches, and especially pop tarts.
wow, did you see that? matts just got whipped in the face with kennys vocab book for the 5th time today.

after matt got plastered with all that yogurt filled telemahcus poptarts from ross' box, he looked like brianna banks after getting blasted by 2 quart north.

fisher had a slice of cheese he was gonna use for telemachus, but he just cooked it on the heater in kully's room instead
by kunt October 19, 2004
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Homo erotic group of young males who take pleasure in touching themselves and sucking eachothers penis'

They have also been know to insert their penis into other males assholes. They some time are known to do it to there own kind and it is a form a canibalism in their society.
Dont drop the soap, here comes the bastard squad

When the bastard squad is around use a buttplug
by kunt February 26, 2004
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