1 definition by kstatefan666

1.Derived from the act of reckoning the term "ruined" most commonly is uttered through the lips of a close friend who has decicrated you in an epic struggle of some sort i.e. a video game.
2.An insult often hurled at elderly, mentally challenged, or just people with poor motor skills when they fall or get hurt in some manner that is to the view hilarious.
3.Often coupled with such phrases as "Face" and "Pwned" followed by open palm thrusts or pointing respectively.
1. "Omigod I died cuz' someone zoned like a thousand Orcs here ><." "RUINED! XD"
2. "Remember when they kept showing those people jump from the Twin Towerz?" "Yeah those biatches got ruined."
3. "A Hyper Notorious Monster just spawned on top of our party, some of us are running, it looks bleak" "/l Face. Ruined, Pwnage!!"
by kstatefan666 August 13, 2005
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