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Trainspotting is a term or reference used for people that have probably too much spare time on their hands, and have the ability to draw on useless information that seems relevant at the time.
"you only live twice?" - 1967
runnig time? - 116 min.
director? - lewis gilbert
screen writer? - ian fleming
fuck off, he never wrote any of 'em - ok, so who wrote it then?
you can look it up. how do you feel since you came off the smack? speaking for my self, i am bored. - who wrote it?
but you look healthier... - who wrote it?!
roald dahl. - roald dahl?
>this is a conversation between the characters "renton" and "sick boy" from the movie trainspotting, it's a deleted scene<

jerry seinfeld has also a very impressive knowledge about useless information.
by krnselt July 27, 2010

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