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Adjective. Connotes disapproval. Often mistakenly rendered as "foo foo" or "fou fou", etc. It means overly fussy in style, such as clothes, hair, furniture, food, etc. Yelpers use foo foo to describe overly fussy food, like any drink at Starbucks requiring more than three words to order. Its current use is derived from an old word describing the sound made by a silk or taffeta dress as the wearer moves through a room or down stairs. It was used as a noun (the dress material) or a verb (to walk in a dress made of such rustling material), but never as an adjective. It should always be used in a negative sense; nothing the speaker approves of should ever be called "frou frou".
"I cannot imagine what kind of prissy prom queen buys dresses in this shop! Everything is so frou frou!"
by konditor December 30, 2009
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